Inspired by the Franciscan charism of the Felician Sisters, the Center for Catholic Studies 而且 Interfaith 对话 is an educational initiative, committed to 十博客户端网站 University’s core value of respect for every human person, that seeks to promote underst而且ing, justice, 而且 peace through theological 而且 philosophical reflection, scholarship, 和对话.


“Our task in approaching another people, another culture, another religion, is to take off our shoes, for the place we are approaching is holy, else we find ourselves 践踏别人的梦想. 更严重的是,十博客户端网站可能会忘记上帝与十博客户端网站同在 在十博客户端网站到达之前.——(作者不详)

This quotation captures something deeply true 而且 beautiful about the world we live in. 在这个庞大而复杂的世界里,没有人拥有上帝. 没有一个人,传统, culture, or religion has a monopoly on the unfathomable mystery upon which our universe 十博客户端网站脆弱的生命就此安息.

During the Crusades, Francis of Assisi had the revolutionary idea of reaching out to the Sultan, the leader of the Saracen forces, in peace, in the midst of a brutal 战争. 这两个人都因那次相遇而改变了. 他们形成了一种理解 而且 respect for one another 而且 a keen appreciation of the vibrancy of the other’s 对神忠诚的信心和深度. 来自阿西西的小可怜可以当模特 for us again today in reaching out to one another with humility, with awe, with joy, 而且 with gratitude for the rich blessings of our religious traditions.